Save travels Zertifikat

1. Checking of body temperature with a thermal gun and providing hand sanitizer to employees, client or public prior to entering premises/ engaging in any activity.

2. Provision of relevant protective equipment to employees All employees must ensure that they are wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintain physical distancing.

3. Cleaning and Disinfection of craft and all accessories like ladders, lifejackets and other safety equipment amongst other prior to start operations.

4. Ensure all contractors and suppliers in the value chain follow safe operations in line with sanitary requirements.

5. Ensure compliance with the reviewed seating capacity of the craft and towing equipment (where applicable).

6. Ensure physical distancing when embarking on board craft and avoid overcrowding at embarkation point.

7. Skipper or helper to guide passengers during embarkation with regards to seating arrangements in order to maintain proper social distancing on craft.

8. Food and beverage should be stored in air tight containers and served by the crew only.

9. Ensure that passengers respect sanitary requirements at all times like wearing of mask, physical distancing, regular sanitizing of hands, amongst others.

10. Privilege online bookings and contactless transactions.

11. Cashier should wear gloves while handling cash transactions and issuance of receipts.

12. Establishment of a protocol for suspected cases of COVID 19 and ensure all employees are conversant with the application of the protocol.

13. Avoid activities that will not be in line with social distancing requirements on craft.

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